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Original Percy Blazons. From Left – William (Algersnons) de Percy C 1067 to Right Nicholas de Percy C 1120. See Heraldry Page.

very warm welcome to my revised Percy Family History web site which I hope you will find interesting. The information herein is the result of many years of meticulous research from existing Percy Family records, archives and my own personal collection including records from my direct ancestors.
The huge increase in internet technology since I put up my first site, has given me access to information previously unavailable.
The incredibly fascinating progress in DNA research and identification has also allowed me to gain invaluable, specific information regarding the origins and whereabouts of my section of this amazing family.

Village Of Percy Normandy.

This site has been redesigned to give those who are interested in the history of this great Anglo/Norman family, a contemporary perspective on the life, times and progress of this ancient  race, whose origins (for the intents and purposes of the information provided here), can be traced directly to Southern Norway/Denmark, Flanders and a region in West Normandy known as the Cotentin or Cherbourg Peninsular to Yorkshire and Northumberland.

Some of the pages are incomplete and are identified by an ‘under construction’ sign. I will be adding more information to (text and images) in due course. 

What happened historically before the families arrival in Normandy and their settlement there has been the subject of some amount of conjecture, as past historians, genealogists and others have espoused the written theory that the Percies originally came to Normandy from Scandinavia before or about the time that Rollo led the Viking raids that began his invasion of the region.
This romantic Victorian notion may have some merit but it is now thought that the origins of the de Percies have sprung  from Mainfred, a mighty Captain of Rollo but recent DNA testing and analysis of ancient heraldry and evidence from the Norman Charters says that this scenario may be more complex than at first thought  and as you read further you will see what I have discovered, developed and why.

This research has become more and more fascinating over the past few years especially with the massive development in technology and communication.

Percy Standard Flying From A Cadet Percy Residence.

Use of the internet, for example has led me to find blood relations all over the globe and the incredible progress in DNA research has made it all so exciting!

New menu items have been added with new information and revisions where necessary, with new photographs, images and links providing a broader perspective of the Percies from my own personal point of view.
It will be worthwhile for those interested to check back from time to time for further updates.

I hope what you find here will be of interest and that you enjoy reading about my ancestors and family. Please use the contact menu to send me a message or a question and I will endeavour to provide the most useful reply I can. I would especially welcome any Percy kin to make contact.

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Esperance En Dieu – Percy Motto – ‘Hope In God’.