James Percy The Trunk Maker



This is an exact transcript of James Percy’s memorandum to the House of Lords. The origional is held at the London University library, GL Broadsides Collection Vol 1. No. 32.

The Humble Memorandum of James Percy.
That this Honourable House upon the 9th of February instant, was graciously pleased to ajourn a further debate of his petition for a fortnight, (expiring this 23rd instant) and he finding to his great vexation and expence, his trouble is much augmented by the defendents, who have (in a Gazette of the 31 of March last past) most slanderously represented Your petitioner in scandalous words, saying, there was above 40 witnesses sworn at the barr, and nothing offered by your petitioner, and that his petitions were thrown out of the House, when in truth but four of your petitioners witnesses were examined, and those 4 fully proved your petitioners Pedigree the very thing which the Defendants now endeavour to possess the word that your petitioner cannot prove.

That the Petitioners Councel appearing (though late) before the Kings Gracious Majesty, and the Lords Committee assembled in Parliament, the defendants councel had heard his witness prove so punctually that, they waved the senior Countess of Northumberlands cross petition, and set up the Kings interest (for which they were checked, as by his former printed complaints appears,) and Your Petitioners Solicitor most treacherously betrayed him to the Duke of Monmouths Agents, who have obtained Rukes of Tryal the next Term, notwithstanding priviledge.

That since the Court of Wards was put down, Your Petitioner finds no way for his relief, but to make his Humble Address to this Honourable House for his timely redress by way of inquisition, post mortem, or by a Committee of grievances: or according to the Prayer of the Petition he presented to the consideration of the Honourable House, that the evidence of his witnesses be recorded.

To present the like troubles from generations to come, is to make a due inspection into these your practitioners grievances, and weigh them in the balance of justice.

Esperance en Dieu.